WEX (Workforce Engagement Challenge)

In the today’s tough labor market, teaching job seekers how to write resumes, interview, and dress for success are not enough.  According to one national study, 47% of job seekers find jobs through networking followed by the use of Internet job boards (25%) and agency/recruiters (12%) respectively.  Networking has proven to be the key to workforce success for the past five years. Regrettably, many DC residents are unfamiliar with the skills, nor possess the resources, to properly connect to the plethora of opportunities available in the nation’s capital.

The lack of this skill is compounded by the fact that up to 70% of jobs are not listed in the newspapers, job boards or appear on-line. These employment opportunities exist in what economist call “the hidden labor market.”

Select STRIVE DC graduates participate in 18 hours of Workforce Engagement (WEX) training two days a week between the hours of 5:00 pm to 7:00pm for a total of 4 weeks.   Participating graduates receive a $40 a week stipend.

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