Jasmine Benson

Jasmine Benson – #Cycle12016

Jasmine Benson is member of our first 2016 training class. She found out about the STRIVE DC program through a friend who works at the Providence Health Clinic in Perry Center. One of Ms. Benson’s greatest challenges to employment has been transportation and the related costs. After taking a job in Northern, Virginia Ms. Benson had a 2 hour commute that cost $45.00 a week and consumed more than half of her pay check.  In spite, of high transportation costs, she remained employed for over a year. Currently, she is seeking employment that is closer that is closer to the city.

The cost of transportation is a serious barrier for many individuals that come to strive and seek to go where the jobs are. Making only minimum wage and the cost of traveling in or outside can be astronomical.

Help Jasmine and others like meet their transportation needs by donating a month of transportation assistance. You can make your tax deductable donation on our website at www.STRIVEDC.org.